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At Sibola Mountain Falling, we understand that maximizing log value starts with the individual faller. Our supervisors ensure that each certified faller understands and follows the specifications of each project with a system of general inspections, weekly audits and crew meetings. We work with our clients to ensure that maximum value is derived from every log and that our timber falling is planned to ensure production efficiency.

The mission of Sibola Mountain Falling Ltd. is to survive, to succeed and to thrive by focused determination, unity of effort, detailed direction and excellence in execution. The culmination of these efforts will allow each of our people to return home safe at the end of each day and provide great value to our clients!

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At Sibola Mountain Falling, we believe that our unique focus on collaboration with clients and building long term relationships enable us to deliver superior results. Along with the exceptional knowledge and experience of our management and key personnel, we are well situated to provide professional timber falling and bucking services to our clients.

“It has been a pleasure dealing with your people and I am looking forward to working with you again.”

Wade Jensen, WFP Inc. West Island Region

“As a Safe Certified company under the BC Forest Safety Council, Sibola met all the safety requirements for NTL and for the licence under which NTL operates.”

Justin Rigsby, Controller, Newcastle Timber

“Jordan Nicolussi and his team are consummate professionals and have assembled a crew who work well with our personnel.”

Kelly Williams, Superintendent, Husby Forest Products

“The Sibola Crew has provided excellent falling and bucking for quality and our aircraft’s capabilities. The Sibola employees are safety conscious and work with a professional attitude.”

Brian Bell - Logging Manager, VIH Helicopters

“You and your crew completed the job with very impressive safety results, your price was fair, and you produced good quality logs!”

R.G. Hart, RFP, Nuxalk Forestry Limited Partnership

“I would readily recommend Sibola Mountain Falling Ltd. to other companies considering hiring them as a falling contractor and would not hesitate to re-hire them for future works.”

Mark Ignas, Supervisor, ICON Construction

” I found Jordan Nicolussi and his crew to be co-operative, open to discussion, and were concerned about getting the job done right. Sibola did a good job for us and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others. ”

Brian Arnold, Owner, Forex Log & Lumber

” I was further impressed by the fact that you could provide us with an organized, hands-on company Health and Safety plan. Your company and crews passed safety inspections by both us and our client with flying colors. ”

Robert J. Frazer, Project Manager, DMT Geosciences Ltd.

” Jordan Nicolussi and Sibola Mountain Falling Ltd. would be a valuable complement to any logging operation, and I strongly recommend him as a falling contractor. ”

Bernie Zimmermann, RFP, Zimmfor Management Services

” Sibola’s employees have operated in a safety conscious and efficient manner. In addition, the company’s employees have always been dependable, conducted themselves professionally, and worked well with other members of our crew. ”

Justin Rigsby, Controller, Almwood Contracting Ltd.

“I would recommend Jordan and the Sibola Mountain Falling team to any other companies who may be considering as a falling contractor.”

Randy McGregor - President, West River Holdings

“I wholeheartedly recommend Sibola Mountain Falling as a company you need to consider for your timber falling requirements.”

Drew Crowell - President, Rainy Point Contracting

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Our philosophy in hiring fallers is such that we not only look for professional fallers who take pride in their work, but also individuals who have a good demeanour and can contribute to team harmony. It is the company’s belief that the qualities mentioned not only go hand in hand, but that you can’t really have one without the other.


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Sibola Mountain Falling is a SAFE certified falling company. We are dedicated to ensuring our fallers return home safely at the end of each day. We have a comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety Program that is adhered to on each and every job. In addition to monthly safety meetings as well as regular tailgate meetings, the program includes orientations for all our fallers before starting work, a thorough pre-work, safety and stump audits with a system in place in place to correct any unsafe actions found during the audits.



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