Our Philosophy

The mission of Sibola Mountain Falling is to survive, to succeed and to thrive by focused determination, unity of effort, detailed direction and excellence in execution.

The culmination of these efforts will allow our people to return home safe at the end of each day and provide great value to our clients.

Meet Our Team

Management and Key Personnel

Jordan Nicolussi
Jordan NicolussiPresident
Prior to founding Sibola Mountain Falling Ltd., Jordan broke in and worked for a number of reputable falling contractors on the coast and interior of B.C. He is young, ambitious, and extremely motivated to lead his company through steady growth on its way to becoming one of the premier timber falling companies. He has built a professional crew with extensive management and falling experience across all the different spectrums of the timber falling industry.
Lorne Andersen
Lorne AndersenOperations Manager
Lorne has been in the forest industry for over 30 years and involved in every level from a boots on the ground Faller, to a Falling Supervisor to his current position as Operations Manager. He brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our Sibola team. Lorne is very comfortable building and managing large productive crews, all the while ensuring safety first and foremost. He has a keen awareness of and an eye for managing the costs of projects, including helicopter and construction operations, completing them on time and on budget.
Juraj Seemann
Juraj SeemannCertified Falling Supervisor
Juraj comes to Sibola with years of supervisory and falling experience, predominantly on helicopter projects. Juraj is an excellent communicator and rarely will you find him rattled. He’s a great leader who keeps the people he’s in charge of, calm when things don’t go as planned. Juraj is also an effective trainer and mentor for our younger fallers.
Scott Thomson
Scott ThomsonCertified Falling Supervisor
Scott was Sibola’s first Bullbucker to become certified this spring and brings that professionalism to his job sites. He passed his certification while looking after the challenging Rennell Sound heli job which required multiple settings being fell at once over a very large area and three different valleys. Scott typically looks after North Coast operations.
Roger Sacht
Roger SachtFalling Supervisor
Roger started logging in 1980 setting chokers and started falling in 1992. A Falling Supervisor since 1998, Roger also has training in EMS and Occupational First Aid Level 3. His key responsibilities include maintaining a safe and productive working environment for his falling crew. He also maintains relationships with customers regarding log quality, safety and daily operations.

The Environment

  • We will operate in a manner that provides sound resource management and stewardship of the environment.
  • We will extract maximum value out of each job while not impacting the surrounding land and waterways.
  • We pledge to meet or exceed all local, cultural, provincial, and federal laws and regulations in the areas that we operate.

First Nations

We understand the importance of culture and tradition to the First Nations and their desire for autonomy. We respect these values and strive to operate in a manner in which balancing cultural priorities is as important as working with First Nations to provide a stable economically viable operation from which they can also benefit. We will work with First Nations:

  • To ensure levels of comfort and cultural values are met before operations proceed.
  • To maintain an open channel of communication at all times between First Nations and management.
  • To coordinate training in conjunction with First Nations to individuals interested in a career with our company.
  • To provide employment to qualified First Nations with our company.
  • Foster a sense of pride and well being in being a part of a company that values and respects the long tradition of First Nations people.
First Nations Partners

Sibola Mountain Falling has been fortunate to develop a working partnership with the Nuxalk Forestry Ltd Partnership, a for profit First Nations enterprise wholly owned by the Nuxalk Nation and the Lil’wat Nation. This relationship helps develop First Nation Peoples skills with valuable work experience while providing our company with skilled employees capable of tackling all of our various projects.

These partnerships were first developed to give opportunity and employment to First Nations People in their Forest Licenses and has since then expanded to employment in all of Sibola Mountain Falling operations. These partnerships have mutually benefited all parties involved and we continually strive to enhance this working relationship.